"My coaching experience with Roya was transformative! She did an amazing job guiding me to identify my life goals and how to implement them. Throughout the process it was clear it was my journey but she helped facilitate it in such a positive and good way even when the subjects were difficult. I cannot thank her enough for this wonderful experience.  – Scott, RI, November 2020

"Thanks to Roya, I was able to find my true self and be my true self. She empowered me to defend my life and live my life without fear, regret, or trying to buy, or be someone else, to gain approval. She helped me to define and write my life purpose that now guides me in everything I do. Roya made it possible for me to feel happy again, something I really forgot how to do. I am an educated man, graduate of the Naval Academy, honorably discharged Marine Corps Officer, and an owner of a family business that I started 25 years ago. Yet, I am a much better man and happier man because of Roya’s help. If you want real insight, help to get on the right path in your life, and be your best, call Roya! Tom M., Maryland, October 2020

“From the beginning, Roya made me feel comfortable to open up. She encouraged me to see and define myself more positively and made me understand that I should never be ashamed of myself. She is extremely positive, convincing, and I always competed the sessions with more tips, resources and a little bit more self-love. These sessions almost felt like a therapy, but the information Roya provided to me was also applicable in my life. She sincerely showed interest in my life, career, professional life and understood my worries and where I was blocking.” Laurence, Baku, Azarbaijan, February 2020

"My coaching experience with Roya was transformative! She did an amazing job guiding me to identify my life goals and how to implement them. Throughout the process it was clear it was my journey but she helped facilitate it in such a positive and good way even when the subjects were difficult. I cannot thank her enough for this wonderful experience.  – Scott, RI, November 2020

"If you plan to work with Roya, be open to and prepared for progress and growth. Roya will ask you some tough questions but those are the ones necessary for growth and change. Every coaching session I have had with Roya has been insightful and powerful. I am thankful for Roya's kind energy and spirit in guiding me to become aware of the challenges that get in my way of leading  a better life. Roya gives recommended readings and exercises during sessions. If you want to get the most out of the sessions and see progress I recommend you do them. I also took notes during our sessions which I reviewed and reflected on after our sessions. Change is hard and uncomfortable and requires an investment of your time and energy, but it is worth it. Having a coach like Roya can help the process." Nahila, CA, August 2020. 

“Roya is a fantastic Coach. She made it easy for me, to be completely honest with her. Even though we never met in person It was easy to trust her and talk to her about personal matters. Roya is professional and open-minded. She’s very confident, grounded and calm which automatically had a calming effect on me. I hired Roya as my “certification coach” to get my ACC from the International Coaching Federation. Roya helped me develop my coaching skills further and prepare for the exam with the ICF and pass the exam. Through our coaching I gained some other unexpected and incredibly useful insights. The results of our coaching were priceless. Philip, Executive Coach & Consultant, Switzerland/ London. September 2014

“When I first went “out to the web” to find a coach, I was not sure if I would be able to find someone who was intelligent and savvy enough to keep my attention and work with me for an extended period of time. I interviewed several coaches and yet there was something about the way in which we communicated that connected me to Roya and her style. For me, being authentic was key – and she clearly is! Looking for answers about myself, identifying my belief system, expecting to grow and change – yet knowing that it would take a very skilled person to work with me – I found her. Perhaps I put it out in the universe and that’s how I found her? The more evolved we are, the more we insist upon having a coach who can deal with where we are at present; someone who can recognize our hesitancy or procrastination if we get stuck. Something told me that she would be there, supporting me and helping me deal with these difficulties so that I could break through to the other side. And I was right! Together I have achieved a lot! I feel great – even as I stumble forward. Her acceptance of me and where I am at the time has also helped me see more of what I want out of life as well. Thank you!” Ann S., Real Estate Agent, Business Owner, Alexandria, VA. May 2014

“Roya has an amazing talent of understanding who you are, enabling her to touch your heart and get to the root of the issue you are facing. She empowers you with personalized tools you need to get out of your rut and put it in action, leaving you with a positive and “can do” attitude that you will need when you are trying to move on or improve.” Denis D, CEO, Entrepreneur, France. February 2014

“Saying that Roya has changed my life would be an understatement. With only a few coaching session under our belt, she managed to literally turn my life upside down. And in a (very) good way. She managed to pull me from what seemed to be a free fall descent to hell, to a life filled with endless opportunities and hope. I am proud to say that thanks to Roya I have managed to erase my deepest fears and I am now chasing my dreams. I never thought so much could come out of her uniquely designed sessions. Roya genuinely cares about her clients needs and on top of that is approachable, caring and most of all amazingly good at what she does. Anyone lucky enough to have Roya as their life coach should consider themselves lucky. I’ve seen a lot of different coaches out there, none of them compare to Roya. I couldn’t thank her enough for everything she’s done.”

  -Mark L, Men’s health activist, social entrepreneur, author, and host of The Unconventionalists, London, England.  February 2012

“What works for me about Roya’s coaching are her gracious attitude and what I call her “trigger point coaching.” Roya asks key questions and provides perceptive insights that cut to the core of issues, and in a way that makes them easier to explore, too. As a result, it’s faster and more fun to move forward.” Joan M., Publisher/Creator/Executive Producer & Host – Green Connections Radio, Washington D.C. November 2011

“It’s the first time I’ve worked with a life coach. Roya has gone the extra mile in being caring, proactive, directive and helping me set priorities. To be honest, I was dubious about life coaches, but have come to value her making me focus on specific issues that are/were roadblocks in my future planning. Roya doesn’t waste time and is excellent about not letting me procrastinate. In addition, being able to work with Roya via Skype is an enormous plus as I travel non-stop.” Karen Fawcett, Staff Contributor, ConsumerTraveler.com, Washington D.C. October 2011

“I wasn’t all that clear how life coaching could benefit me and I decided to try it for “fun”. But Roya is such a respectful listener and she has such a warm and supportive personality: with her keen insights, her common sense and her optimistic approach to life, she helped me separate issues, clarify my priorities and feel comfortable about certain decisions. We all have moments when we need to weed out our path and a bit of help can make a difference! I recommend Roya highly.” Alaleh Alamir, Artist, Provence, France. March 2, 2011

“Roya is an exceptional coach. She works with heart, clarity and unwavering commitment to her client’s success. I have known Roya for over 10 years and have both experienced and witnessed her ability to support and challenge people to live fully. Her clients adore her and are appreciative of her support as they reach their goals. I recommend Roya without hesitation. You couldn’t ask for a better person or coach.” Marcia Feola, CPCC, MCC, Executive Coach, Rockville, MD. January 17, 2011

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